Playgrounds represent the dimension that the eye is proposing to impose to things, to outline and circumscribe places that are meant to be addressed to defined objects, predictable actions, shared presences. 
Moreover, playgrounds tell us about misleading pauses in the existence, perfectly overcoming interruptions, that draw apparently inflexible geometries .
My research constantly lingers to look at the enchantment generated by the sight of such structures, that brings the eye along the thin borders of the conscious artifices of perception and the organic rhythms of memory: the garden, the public park, the pool, the basketball court. These are all places where nature and artifice are linked and soak together, where the straight line is interrupted by the fragmentation of the leaves, of the plants, of our steps, of the time spent elsewhere.
Playgrounds give up their original function in order to tell the story of past experiences, giving way to geometrical forms that testify their passage.

Stefania Mazzola